Character Traits

As I’m over at fellow #darkstroke author, Joan Livingston’s blog today, I thought I’d share my thoughts about Kayleigh – a character central to the Glasshouse series – here, too … About Kayleigh. How can I try explain Kayleigh without trying to explain everyone around her? People are inextricably linked, which is the reason IContinue reading “Character Traits”

Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?

A friend of mine who I met at Manchester University went to Japan after she graduated and hasn’t come back. I remember thinking, when she left, how strange it was that the (arguably) least confident member of our group (we met in a Halls of Residence, after which we shared a dilapidated Victorian house onContinue reading “Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?”

Welcome, Niki Kamerzell!

From Niki’s #WIP … Ember—literally kicking and screaming—was dragged to the other side of the room. Her mother reached the kitchen counter and picked up her drink while Ember tried to free her hair. Sara sipped the whiskey mixed with orange juice. She thought no one realized it was booze. Ember managed to wiggle away,Continue reading “Welcome, Niki Kamerzell!”