Welcome, Sarah Davis!

From Sarah’s #WIP, They Had Eyes of Silver… I am lost in this sea of faceless bodies. Propped against the toilet stall’s metal door, Reina reread the words she typed on her phone. Her long, dark brown hair fell forward in waves, hiding the confined restroom stall from view. Although the chilly metal greedily leachedContinue reading “Welcome, Sarah Davis!”

Welcome, Joe Goodglass!

From Joe’s #WIP, The Reservation… A cold gust blew through the midnight air, nearly blinding Carole as she trudged through the field. She could hear them approaching fast; their footsteps growing louder by the second. Her knees, weak and aching, buckled with each step she took, all the while the tall grass scraped along herContinue reading “Welcome, Joe Goodglass!”

Welcome, Penny Hampson!

From Penny’s #WIP: Somewhere in the distance, a church bell rang the hour, one o’clock. Freddie, roused from his slumber, turned on his side and pulled the duvet over his head. Trying to relax back into sleep that wouldn’t come, his ears picked up the chimes of the grandfather clock along the corridor outside hisContinue reading “Welcome, Penny Hampson!”

Welcome, Jenny Kane!

From Jenny’s novel, Spring Blossoms at Mill Grange. ‘Do you honestly think I’ll need eighteen pairs of knickers? It’s the Cotswolds, not the Kalahari.’ Thea scooped the entire contents of her underwear drawer onto the bed as Shaun flung open a suitcase. ‘No, I think you’ll need thirty pairs or more, but as you onlyContinue reading “Welcome, Jenny Kane!”

Welcome, Lee Dickinson!

From Lee’s WIP: Looking at the Stars (the first 500 words of a short story) The stars are my chandelier as I stare from the skip I call home. Gamma Leonis hogs the sky until something flashes across it and toward me. Earthly and hurtling. Glinting as it plunges. Instantly hypnotic. There’s a boomerangy whoosh-whoosh.Continue reading “Welcome, Lee Dickinson!”

(Chaos) (Theory)?

‘We’re all Works In Progess,’ I found myself writing the other day. Another cliché/truth/ugh. And as I’m forever banging on about my fascination with stories-within-stories, and the state of my notebooks, I wondered ‘What do other writer’s WIPs look like?’ And then: ‘As my novels are raw and introspective, and have the recurring theme ofContinue reading “(Chaos) (Theory)?”