(Chaos) (Theory)?

‘We’re all Works In Progess,’ I found myself writing the other day. Another cliché/truth/ugh. And as I’m forever banging on about my fascination with stories-within-stories, and the state of my notebooks, I wondered ‘What do other writer’s WIPs look like?’ And then: ‘As my novels are raw and introspective, and have the recurring theme ofContinue reading “(Chaos) (Theory)?”

Glass Houses

Glasshouse is out! Thank you if you have read it, bought it in any form, reviewed it, or rated it! Its title works literally and metaphorically, so let’s play with that for a bit. Glasshouses – or greenhouses if you prefer – are like my writing career. Or vice versa. I put special things inContinue reading “Glass Houses”

Stuff and Things

Epiphanies tend to come to me when I’m in the shower and haven’t got a pen. Which is what happened on Valentine’s Day, but what with it being #WorldBookDay today, and the imminent release of Glasshouse, it’s hit me again. It struck me as funny that I should write about everything being in the mind,Continue reading “Stuff and Things”

My Raven

It’s bizarre, given that we’re in lockdown, but I seem to have less time than ever. Now that I have no playgroups to go to with my son, now we can’t go to the beach, see our friends and relations, or even go to the park up the road to go on the swings forContinue reading “My Raven”


I’ve got the mubble-fubbles.  I hope that’s how you use the word correctly in a sentence.  I have no idea.  Apparently, it’s a 16th century word for ‘despondency’ or ‘a sense of impending doom’.  When I came across ‘mubble-fubbles’ the other day, my thoughts immediately ran to Covid-19, and I went ‘huh!’ and gave aContinue reading “Mubble-Fubbles”


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website! This is my first ever blog post, so I’ll give you a quick introduction to my writing… It’s all in your mind…and my stories explore perception, perspective, the inextricability of stories, cause and effect…the fact that ‘reality’ is subjective. They are dark, psychological, twisted. My debut psychologicalContinue reading “Hello!”

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