Welcome, Gail Aldwin!

From Gail’s #WIP, The Girl and the Tutor… It was well after five o’clock when Stephanie prepared to leave the office. Glancing through the window, a great belly of cloud suggested a downpour was likely. She opened her desk drawer expecting to see her foldable umbrella tucked beside the desk tidy which always contained aContinue reading “Welcome, Gail Aldwin!”

Ringing in the New

Well, this is an awesome start to 2022: my trilogy has a new look! And I’m very excited about the future! Happy New Year, and happy reading!


Exciting news to end the year! My new novel, #Underrated, is available to pre-order! Just click! It’s the third novel in the Glasshouse series, and, like The (D)Evolution of Us and Glasshouse, it’s a standalone. It’ll be released by #darkstrokebooks on #ValentinesDay2022 – no accident, given its cover! Also, as I have now writtenContinue reading “Underrated”

Welcome, Jessica Thompson!

From Jessica’s #WIP… “Hey gorgeous!” Josh called as the door closed behind him.             “Hey handsome!” Violet raked her highlighted chocolate hair under her festive witch’s hat and responded to her friend as her cheeks blazed. No matter how many times he said that to her, and no matter how platonic she knew it was,Continue reading “Welcome, Jessica Thompson!”

Welcome, Sue Barnard!

From Sue’s #WIP, Fortune’s Fool… Fortune’s Fool is a sequel to my novel The Unkindest Cut of All.  Both are set in the world of amateur dramatics.  This extract is from Chapter One. As Sarah and Katy waited for their first scene, Sarah took the opportunity to resume their chat. “Have you done anything likeContinue reading “Welcome, Sue Barnard!”

Christmas Present

The definition of ‘Christmassy’, it seems, is universally understood. My four-year old son came up to me today, declaring, “Mummy, I’m feeling Christmassy!” He’s probably overheard me saying the word to someone – I have actually already felt ‘Christmassy’ this year – but I know I’ve never explained to him what it means. I’ve neverContinue reading “Christmas Present”

Welcome, Val Penny!

From Val’s novel, Hunter’s Rules, which will be released in January – this is a special sneak peek! Bloody hell, that was close. I hadn’t expected her to be found so soon. That’s bad luck. I thought she’d have time to bleed out and die like the others. It was hard to watch them, butContinue reading “Welcome, Val Penny!”

Welcome, Miriam Drori!

From Miriam’s #WIP… When Asaf texted, Nathalie was ready for the working day to end. They met outside the building and continued to the bus stop. Traffic was heavy and the bus crawled along with occasional spurts. At first, they both stood. When a seat became available, Asaf signed to Nathalie to sit, which sheContinue reading “Welcome, Miriam Drori!”


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