Dinosaur Wee

Morwenna, are you feeling safe? I don’t understand. Don’t understand what? Anything! Years ago, when I was very ill, and was living in a psychiatric residential care home, if one of the support-workers caught me looking a certain way, they’d put a hand on my shoulder and softly say, Morwenna, are you feeling safe? AndContinue reading “Dinosaur Wee”

Welcome, Niki Kamerzell!

From Niki’s #WIP … Ember—literally kicking and screaming—was dragged to the other side of the room. Her mother reached the kitchen counter and picked up her drink while Ember tried to free her hair. Sara sipped the whiskey mixed with orange juice. She thought no one realized it was booze. Ember managed to wiggle away,Continue reading “Welcome, Niki Kamerzell!”

(D)Evolution …

“Every year, on September the first, Mum and I stand outside the patio doors in the morning and look at the garden. One of us always says something along the lines of, ‘I can feel September in the air.’ … “September always feels more like a new beginning than New Year does…” – extract fromContinue reading “(D)Evolution …”


I’m one of those people who love making New Year resolutions. So much so, that I do it throughout the year. Some might say I’m constantly reinventing myself. I think I’m constantly doing the opposite.             I’ll be washing dishes or walking through town, and a compulsion will come out of nowhere. Frequently, it’s thatContinue reading “Mugs”


I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been neglecting my blog. There are two reasons for this. The first is that I’ve been writing my fourth and fifth novels, and a short story. The second is that I’ve been in existential crisis. Again. Then, last night I watched Dinosaurs: The Final Day; today I’m compelled toContinue reading “YOLO”

Living the Dream

I was chatting with a friend in the pub at lunchtime the other day, while he tried to get the fire he’d started in the hearth roaring for the evening (he works behind the bar – he’s not a pyromaniac, to my knowledge). That’s actually true, but it works as a metaphor (funny how thatContinue reading “Living the Dream”

Welcome, Gail Aldwin!

From Gail’s #WIP, The Girl and the Tutor… It was well after five o’clock when Stephanie prepared to leave the office. Glancing through the window, a great belly of cloud suggested a downpour was likely. She opened her desk drawer expecting to see her foldable umbrella tucked beside the desk tidy which always contained aContinue reading “Welcome, Gail Aldwin!”

Ringing in the New

Well, this is an awesome start to 2022: my trilogy has a new look! And I’m very excited about the future! Happy New Year, and happy reading!


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