(Chaos) (Theory)?

‘We’re all Works In Progess,’ I found myself writing the other day. Another cliché/truth/ugh. And as I’m forever banging on about my fascination with stories-within-stories, and the state of my notebooks, I wondered ‘What do other writer’s WIPs look like?’ And then: ‘As my novels are raw and introspective, and have the recurring theme ofContinue reading “(Chaos) (Theory)?”

Sssh – it’s a Valentine’s Day Secret…

I’ve written about my fascination with the inextricability of stories many times, and my debut novel, The (D)Evolution of Us, was an exercise in conveying it. That, and the Butterfly Effect. I’ve mentioned Glasshouse a few times, too, and the fact that it is the next novel in the series. Well, Glasshouse will be publishedContinue reading “Sssh – it’s a Valentine’s Day Secret…”