Happy Halloween/Samhain Blessings!

From my #WIP, which has the working title of Portia… this is straight out of my head onto the laptop, so it’s as raw as it gets! The low cliffs are layered like Liquorice Allsorts. Liam’s stumbling over terrain which is literally rocks and boulders, slipping on seaweed in his chequered espadrilles in pursuit ofContinue reading “Happy Halloween/Samhain Blessings!”

Welcome, Michelle Cook!

From Michelle’s #WIP… (This is an extract from an early chapter. It’s 2041. The main character, Essie, is about to go on the run after mistakenly revealing her plot to build climate-saving technology without the knowledge of the authoritarian government who rule Essie’s England. She goes to see her friend and boss, Brian, before leavingContinue reading “Welcome, Michelle Cook!”

Welcome, Mary Kit Caelsto!

From Mary’s #WIP, Cardinal Oaks – Flying Changes… “I’ll be cheering you on,” Rose said, her left arm in a bright blue sling. As she’d guessed no breaks, but she’d sprained it quite badly and would probably be unable to seriously ride for several weeks while it healed. Certainly no jumping, though Caterina had jokedContinue reading “Welcome, Mary Kit Caelsto!”

Welcome, Sarah Davis!

From Sarah’s #WIP, They Had Eyes of Silver… I am lost in this sea of faceless bodies. Propped against the toilet stall’s metal door, Reina reread the words she typed on her phone. Her long, dark brown hair fell forward in waves, hiding the confined restroom stall from view. Although the chilly metal greedily leachedContinue reading “Welcome, Sarah Davis!”

Welcome, Joe Goodglass!

From Joe’s #WIP, The Reservation… A cold gust blew through the midnight air, nearly blinding Carole as she trudged through the field. She could hear them approaching fast; their footsteps growing louder by the second. Her knees, weak and aching, buckled with each step she took, all the while the tall grass scraped along herContinue reading “Welcome, Joe Goodglass!”